Pocket Napkins BROOKLYN 1/8fold 40x33 LINCLASS sky - 300pcs.

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 Pocket Napkins BROOKLYN 1/8fold 40x33 LINCLASS sky - 300pcs. 1

Premium pub pocket napkins made of Linclass-Airlaid. Soft and durable.

The only ALL-IN-ONE pocket napkin with a patented slot is a fully-fledged, large-format napkin, which also takes on the function of a cutlery bag thanks to the patented slot. The slit holds the cutlery securely and firmly.
Note: The colors shown on the product image may differ from the original.

BROOKLYN Pocket Napkins

sky / aqua
40 x 33 cm
1/8 fold

Package: 4 x 75 pieces = 300 pcs.

MANK Pocket Napkins
Pocket Napkins now in a dispenser. Perfectly prepared for rush hour and terrace business, we now supply Pocket Napkins standardised in a practical pull-out dispenser. Quickly and easily filled in quiet times, it is the last and uncomplicated solution for guests and personnel when things get busy.

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