TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc.

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 TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc. 1 TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc. 2 TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc. 3 TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc. 4 TOWE DISINFECTANT STAND 25cm/height120cm - 1pc. 5

Non-contact automatic disinfectant stand made of metal incl. fully automatic - sensor controlled dispenser (incl. 4 AA batteries) for the atomization of hand disinfectant which allows a quick and easy hand disinfection and prevents cross contamination.

100% touchless system! Put your hands under the dispenser and immediately this 1ml solution will spray automatically. Large capacity (1100ml) for different disinfectant liquids. Suitable for public places like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, medical facilities, schools etc.  

The stand is delivered disassembled and is easy to assemble.

Disinfectant Stand

Width 25 cm, Height 120 cm
Stand: 34 x 34 cm
Metal / Plastic

Package: 1 piece
Hygienic Protective
The best way to prevent virus transmission is to avoid direct contact "face to face". Nevertheless, visits to the doctor, shopping, etc. must be made. Here a hygiene protection wall is a good solution. This is simply placed between the conversation partners. The hygiene protection wall can be placed on the counter, the desk, the counter or at the cash desk.


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