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Result Pages:
We Accept
  1. Nonwoven Cloth Dispenser 5,6liter Plastic white - 2pcs.
  2. ONE-WAY TOWELS large 40x80cm 100g/m² SPUNLACE white - 300pcs.
  3. ONE-WAY TOWELS large 40x80cm 110g/m² NON-WOVEN white - 200pcs.
  4. ONE-WAY TOWELS large 60x100cm 110g/m² NON-WOVEN white - 200pcs.
  5. TOWELS 120x210cm 60g/m² MANKSPUN white - 80pcs.
  6. TOWELS 400xwashable 80x200cm 100g/m² MANKSOFT avocado - 50pc.
  7. TOWELS with Coating 156x230cm 30g/m² MANKSPUN+PE white - 1000pcs
  8. TOWELS 400xwashable 160x200cm 100g/m² MANKSOFT avocado - 25pcs.
  9. TOWELS with Coating 72x190cm 60g/m² MANKSPUN+PE white - 140pcs.
  10. WIPE ROLLS 40x38cm 80g/m² MANKAIR white - 500pcs.
  11. WIPE ROLLS M-WIPES soft 17x25cm 60g/m² MANKSPUN white - 200pcs.
  12. WIPING CLOTHS 40x38cm 80g/m² Z-fold MANKAIR white - 600Stk.